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2009-10-17 15:18:38 by G-888

I have been working on a music video for chim-entranced for about a year now and its almost done! Im trying to convert the AS2 code to AS3 without much luck and trying to get the audio to work....

Later news, I have the mario music for piano and shall be editing it soon! :D


2009-04-01 20:43:28 by G-888

anyone notic that some words have been replaced?
like video game has been replaced with physical eercise

New song! my first!

2009-03-29 09:53:46 by G-888

So I have come out with my first 2 songs! yeah! this is kinda cool, but both of them kinda stink, but still listen to them before you do something....irrational...
I got spray paint on my tongue while doing hard labor!

New song! my first!

mmmmk so in a couple weeks I shall post some noob stuff, such as newbie flash.noob.

Made in 7th grade, so I guess you could give me some credit.

Old stuff, flash I did along time ago!

Hi I am the G-888 flash maniac pro

2009-02-19 20:35:53 by G-888

I have been listening to some sweet NG music for about a year or two and dang!!! some people can write! good for them

Anyways I am new but I make flash movies all the time in school its my hobbie since I cant do it here at my house.....

XioXio is cool...if you didnt know that already

I shall post my jama smooth songs here....

Hi I am the G-888 flash maniac pro